LEAL ISLA is a name with tradition in Monterrey. It started with Carlos Leal Isla, who practiced law successfully since the end of the XIXth century until the 1930´s. His activity was carried on by his sons, Rodolfo and Rubén Leal Isla, the former acting as judge, Attorney General and Justice of the Higher Court in the State of Nuevo León; and the latter acting as judge and then as Notary Public number 8 in Monterrey, from 1942 to 1980; he was followed in this position by Rubén Leal Isla Macías until 1994. Nowadays there are several attorneys with the name Leal Isla in Monterrey.

With more than 100 years of continuous presence in the State’s legal arena, the name is consolidated with the firm LEAL ISLA & HORVÁTH, thus adding to tradition the value of internationality.